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Austin Moonflower Performing Arts Group was established in July 2016. It comprises a group of talented and dedicated men and women. The name Moonflower, or "Hua Hao Yue Yuan" in Chinese, expresses the group members' shared love of life, family, and our community, and their wish for a beautiful future for all of the world. Our members are mostly working full time in various professions in the Greater Austin area. Our group has presented many memorable performances in various showcases and events. Through our hard work, we have been contributing to the multi-cultural community events, enriching our lives, and promoting public appreciation of Chinese cultures through performing arts.

Austin Moonflower Performing Arts Group is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Our group has Choir Team, Dance Team, Waist Drum Band, Qipao Fashion Team, etc. Welcome everyone who loves the arts to

奥斯汀花好月圆艺术团是由奥斯汀一群志趣相投,开朗活泼,热心奉献,爱唱歌跳舞的华人组成的一支表演艺术团,成立于2016年7月,以“花好月圆”为团名。 “花长好,人长健,月长圆”,代表了团员们不忘初心,团结友爱,共享美好生活的愿景。团员是在各行各业工作的专业人士。在团长赵桂云的领导和专业艺术老师们的指导下,团员们发挥各自的艺术特长,学习及表演中国舞蹈和歌曲,为丰富华人文化生活弘扬中国文化做出贡献。



On May 28, 2023, Austin Spectrum News 1 aired an interview of our group as a part of its InFocus program on Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. The interview showed video clips of our past dance performances and concluded with two of our members performing the dance “Rainy Valley in Spring."

Interview Video

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