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Our Team

Board of Directors(理事会)
  • Guiyun Zhao – President and Chief Art Director(赵桂云,团长, 艺术编导,旗袍社主管)
  • Hong Yang – Vice President and Treasurer(林宏,副团长,财务主管,曲艺社主管)
  • Zhaohua Fang – Vice President and Director of Logistics and Support(方兆华,副团长,后勤主管,腰鼓队主管)
  • ​Weining Zhao – Secretary(赵衛寜,秘书长)
  • Qin Han – Assistant Treasurer(韩琴,财务副主管)
  • Jing Cheng – Assistant Director of Logistics and Support(程静,后勤副主管)
  • Weisi Fu – Director of Publicity(付维斯,宣传主管)
  • Mark Luo – Assistant Director of Publicity(宣传副主管)

  • Cuiwei Wang – Director of Outreach(王翠薇,对外联络主管)

  • Jing Huang – Assistant Director of Outreach(黄静,对外联络副主管)

  • Frank Yang – Director of Choir(杨钟衡,合唱团主管)

  • Tongyang Li – Assistant Director of Choir(李佟洋,合唱团副主管)

  • Jane Burgess – Director of Dance Team(舞蹈团主管)

  • Hannah Sun – Assistant Director of Dance Team(孙小涵,舞蹈团副主管)

Other Officers(其他管理人员)
  • Xiaoli Wu Assistant Treasurer(吴晓莉,财务副主管)
  • Zhengwen Jia – (贾正文)
  • Wilson Hailey
Art Directors and Instructors(艺术监管和指导教师)

Hai Zhu


Music Director , Choir Conductor(音乐总监,合唱指挥)

Mr. Zhu is one of the most highly regarded trumpeters and soloists in China. Over his 30 years of musician career, he has performed frequently at prestigious national and international events. He was one of three fanfare trumpeters in the handover ceremonies of Hong Kong and Macao in 1997 and 1999. In 2008, Mr. Zhu performed a grand solo, accompanied by 500 hearing-impaired dancers, at the Beijing Paralympic Games as well as a featured solo during chapter four of the music and dance epic, “Revival Road.”  Mr. Zhu has been devoted to music education and the mentorship of young musicians throughout his career, volunteering as conductor at many secondary school and college programs since 1998. Several school bands he conducted have won awards in national competitions. He has also been a visiting professor at the Central Conservatory of Music and the Art Institute of Renmin University since 2003, and an Associate Professor at an art college in Beijing since 2010. Many of his students have achieved success in the music industry, and a few have gone on to become celebrated players.


Jun Shen


Dance Director (舞蹈总监)

Mr. Shen began his formal dance training during high school, where he learned ballet, Chinese classical opera, and Chinese folk dance. He earned his bachelor's degree in dance at Beijing Capital Normal University in 2001 and worked with Beijing Dance LDTX as a full- time dancer and choreographer from 2005 to 2009. In past years, he has performed and choreographed many works at various worldwide dance festivals such as Beijing Dance Festival, Grand Performances (LA), Dance Salad (Houston), Busan International Dance Festival, and many more. He has also collaborated with many artists and dance companies such as Willy Tsao, Charles O. Anderson, Hugo Dalton, Wang Jianwei, Jennifer Sherburn, as well as Ziru production, Alonzo-King Lines Ballet Training Program, Ellen Bartel Dance Collection, and the Kathy Dunn Hamrick Dance Company. In addition, Shen has rich educational experiences having taught both nationally and internationally. In 2013, Shen joined the graduate dance program at The University of Texas at Austin and earned his MFA in 2016. After his graduation, Mr. Shen formed Shen Jun Movement Effect based in Austin Texas. Meanwhile he began teaching modern dance at Austin Community College as an assistant professor. In June of 2017, Shen formally joined Blue Lapis Light as a principal dancer and choreographer. He was awarded Best Dancer by the Austin Critics Table for his performance in Belonging, Part One in 2018.


Fen Xie


Physical Training Coach(形体总教练)

Ms. Xie is a leading coach at a gymnastic club in San Antonio and a former member of the Chinese National Gymnastics Team.  She was the champion at many domestic and international competitions for children and adults and the gold medalist at the National Games of China.  She was featured in the video CDs on adolescence body-shaping training and basic gymnastic training for children. The students she trained are among the first-rate athletes in China and champions at state-level competitions in the United States and invitationals at the international level.

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